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Find the right media focused journalists for your pitch. Whether you are searching for those writing about the advertising, music, publishing or TV and Radio industries, find them with Roxhill Media.


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Gain in-depth insights into media & publishing journalists' coverage – their outlets and social media feeds

Create meaningful and productive relationships with exactly the right media focused contacts. Browse journalist profiles to find out who is writing about pay TV/streaming services, publishing, journalism and advertising.

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Build a press list in 30 seconds with Roxhill

See how Roxhill can work for you. With innovative, media-focused topic search functionality, you can find new journalists talking about the issues you care about.


480+ media & publishing journalists at your fingertips

From journalists writing about media agencies, to the television and movie and film industries, Roxhill gives you powerful search tools to pin down exactly who’s interested in what you’re pitching.

Events & webinars

Everything you need to know about… Mariella Frostrup on Times Radio

Join us on Wednesday 17th February at 10:00 to find out which social trends and interviews engage their listeners most; the guests Bessie is looking to book; and how you can get your client featured on the show.


Discover more about the journalists that are focused on the topics important to you

Roxhill delivers to you not only the most relevant media and publishing focused journalists, but also their headlines, tweets and Instagram posts, interviews with them and their sector peers, biographies, insights and more. Get greater engagement with your target journalists through Roxhill’s comprehensive content.

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