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PR database software for Public Sector PRs

Focused on public goods, governmental services, law enforcement, the military, infrastructure or the government itself. Track your activities and requests, save time with ready-made lists, and more.


You’re in good company

Discover ready-made lists and niche searching functionality

Find and access new journalists with Roxhill’s versatile search feature, or save yourself time with ready-made press lists.

Researching the journalists who are genuinely interested in a topic could be the difference between landing the coverage you want, or not. Customise your searches and filter your results by topics, sectors and keywords to find the journalists writing about the niche topics that you’re focused on.

Take the admin out of staying on top of journalist requests

Track your journalist requests and communications effortlessly. Our company-wide Activity tracker ensures that you and your colleagues are always on the same page.


2,387 public-sector-focused journalists at your fingertips

Find the journalists talking about the public sector, local government, the Civil Service or the Government quickly and easily with Roxhill’s topic and sector search.

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All PRs working for companies within the public sector need good contacts in the media to secure the desired coverage. Start building meaningful relationships today with our list of public sector journalists.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is the practice of ensuring working environments are fully inclusive for every employee, allowing them to feel safe irrespective of their background, their needs or their differences.

Client reviews

Client review

We all love Roxhill. It’s so much easier to navigate than Gorkana. It feels more modern and up to date. Everyone’s very happy that we switched it up and moved over.

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