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Charlie Gowans-Eglinton shares her insights with Fashion PR’s

Home PR Insights Charlie Gowans-Eglinton shares her insights with Fashion PR’s

In the hot seat:

Charlie Gowans Eglinton: Senior Fashion Editor at The Telegraph

Charlie’s Focus:

    • Follows seasons when planning stories
      • Often works reactively
    • Email is the best way to contact as usually on a deadline
      • Happy to receive follow up emails a couple of days later
    • Charlie meets PRs twice a month (average) and the best time to meet is breakfast
      • Likes PRs to go to her
    • Office hours are 10-6
    • The paper is put together on Tuesday ready for Wednesday print
    • News conference: 8:30, 10:30 and 4:00
      • Reactive through the day to things that come in

The Telegraph:

      • The best way to secure coverage is to identify a hook
        • Statistics help, eg 60% spike in…
      • The Telegraph rarely will feature just one brand in a story
      • The Telegraph podcast tends to focus on broad topics – women working in fashion always tend to be successful
      • They ensure that fashion they include in the paper is accessible and save the luxury high end items for Telegraph Luxury
      • The fashion team all sits together
      • The paper is put together on Tuesday ready for Wednesday print
      • Main fashion competitors are FT, The Times, Style, Grazia
      • The Telegraph don’t favour British brands, but they champion them

Top Tips:

      • Ensure that when sending press releases you include a narrative about the brand
      • Look book imagery style pictures are successful for print
        • The Telegraph only print images of healthy-looking girls that are an appropriate age
      • Never ask for a favour and do not bribe!
      • Better to send emails to individuals within the team opposed to the group email
      • Exclusives are important
        • The Telegraph doesn’t tend to run coverage after it has been featured elsewhere
      • Spring summer is when Travel and Fashion cross over so be mindful of this when pitching
      • If you have a great product just send a couple of images and bullet points


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