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How use PR as a tool to carry out tactics to significantly differentiate your beauty brand on the market.

The worldwide revenue of the cosmetics and personal care industry in 2023 reached £ 461.7 billion (571.10 billion USD*). As this number keeps growing, so does the competition between beauty brands. Consumer preferences are shifting, trends are coming and going, and the media industry is changing. But this doesn’t mean that beauty publicists don’t have opportunities and options to grow brand awareness for clients – public relations is necessary to make your mark and get your product noticed.

Here are some useful ideas on how to do public relations for beauty brands:

Pitch to journalists and writers you know

After identifying the media outlets that are most likely to reach your target audience, it’s time to get to know the journalists and editors behind the content. Building personal relationships is indeed very fruitful – if done right, it helps you get valuable coverage for your brand, and you can become the go-to PR for beauty correspondents.

You don’t necessarily have to take journalists out for coffee; start by attending webinars where you can learn more about the outlet, who, when, how, and what to pitch.

Don’t worry if you missed a session. Find beauty industry-related webinar replays here.

Networking, PR, Public relations

There are also PR events and networking opportunities where you have a chance to introduce yourself (and your company) and preferably pitch a story about your beauty brand.

Here at Roxhill, we team up with the finest journalists in the UK to bring you exclusive insights. Find out more about our in-person and online events here.

How else can you research and learn more about beauty journalists? 

PR software and PR media databases – like Roxhill – offer all-around journalists’ profiles, and you can discover trending topics, journalists’ social media feeds and what makes them tick, and transform your beauty PR strategy. Read more on how to get more help to open the door to the media industry and build relationships with journalists.

Top tip:

Getting journalists’ attention can be tricky. You’ve probably thought of doing it, but should you really send journalists bags filled with your beauty goodies to win them over and get them to write something about your beauty company? Chances are that they are already overloaded with product samples and gifts, so if you’re unsure whether they’d be happy to try your beauty product, check with them first.

Press release - think people not just products

A nice review or a compelling story appearing in the media about your beauty goods is great, now take it further and think of the people behind it. Many publications look for profile articles – with the founder or CEO, career features, success stories or experts and scientists to share their beauty advice. 

Learn more about profile slots and how to secure one here.

Don’t miss out on getting publicity

You have a whole network of beauty journalists, but before you put your head down to work on your newsworthy press release, there are a couple of things to look out for to ensure your campaign is impactful. Is the timing, right? What’s the lead time?

Miss the deadline and you miss your chance. Keep a calendar for the publications you want to contact with sales dates and lead times. This will give you a solid foundation to perfectly craft and execute your pitch. Mark the days and times when beauty and lifestyle journalists are not in meetings, want to be contacted and are actively look for stories – so your email is never too late, nor too early, and lands in their inbox precisely when needed.  

Keep an eye on special editions calendars, so you know when glossy magazines are going out and when to contact journalists. 

Talking about timing, you should watch closely what your competition is up to – you don’t want their big story release to cast a shadow on yours.

Get on the beauty lists

You’ve probably come across posts like ‘Top 10 beauty gifts to buy this year’ or ‘Christmas cosmetics gift guide’, and the good news is journalists and writers actively look for ideas for their gift guides, roundups or top lists. So, look out for pitching opportunities and get in touch about your beauty product in advance to make it on the list and put your brand in front of new audiences.

Follow #journorequest

Journalists use this hashtag when they need to write a piece and are looking for source material. Use social media actively to check these requests.

Being adaptable

PR is not a temporary fix; developing a public relations strategy for your beauty brand will help you stay focused and consistent. But that does not mean inflexibility. When opportunities come, don’t shy away from tweaking your pitch or your approach.

Keep in the loop of when, how and what to pitch to journalists with our PR pitching guides and PR insights and level up your PR strategy for your beauty brand. 

*Statista(2023) Beauty and personal care – worldwide 2023 May


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