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How PRs Can Help Charities and Cause Communications

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Global and local charities have been growing in number and good old fundraising methods don’t always hit the mark.

This is why all non-profit organisation PRs need a reliable contact in the media. Whether you are raising awareness for your good cause or trying to tell the world about your charity’s achievements, building meaningful relationships can take you far. 

Researching for relevant correspondents and reporters is part of every Public Relations routine. It is also time-consuming, but fear not, we got you covered. We did the digging for sought-after charity and non-profit journalists in the UK. The below list will come in handy, so grab a drink, sit back and learn more about the journalists covering everything charity.

Note: information is accurate for the date the blog was posted in January 2023. Journalists might change outlets and sectors in the future.

Tristan Blythe​

Tristan Blythe

Editor, Charity Finance

After 13 years at the PAM, Tristan Blythe joined Charity Finance as Editor. The desk covers the financial sides of running non-profit organisations, provides analysis and research and more. Tristan set his focus on the impact of recent events and policies on the sector, investigating difficulties faced by non-profit organisations and outlining advice on how larger charities can be more transparent in their accounts.

Harriett Whitehead​

Harriett Whitehead

Deputy News Editor, Civil Society News

Harriett was appointed as the Deputy News Editor for Civil Society News in July 2022. Her outlet is completely committed to the support for the charity sector. Harriett interested in everything not-for-profit; from interviews and news to in-depth analysis, she is the go-to journalist for charities.

Andy Rickett​

Andy Rickett

News Editor, Third Sector

Andy stepped in as news editor at the Third Sector. Third Sector is a must for every charity PRs or for anyone who needs to know what’s happening in the sector. Andy covers a range of issues and concerns that has anything to do with non-profits, from recruitment to fiscal topics, from fundraising to the effects of government policies.

Lauren Weymouth​

Lauren Weymouth

Editor, Charity Times

Lauren became Editor at the Charity Times in 2017. She is also chair of the Charity Times Awards. Her desk is the must-read magazine for everyone who works with non-profits and charities. Lauren’s role is to focus on financial issues and other concerns within the sector. Lately, she has written about recruitment and fundraising difficulties.

Melanie May

News Editor, UK Fundraising

Melanie is not only a journalist; she deals with copywriting, editing, and proofreading, mainly for the marketing and fundraising sectors and charity press.

She covers news stories for UK Fundraising, the go-to site for professional charity fundraisers, like donations and what organisations are up to in response to the cost-of-living crisis.

Graham Martin​

Graham Martin

News Editor, Third Force News

Third Force News is the only daily news outlet solely dedicated to charities and voluntary organisations in Scotland. Graham writes about charity and fundraiser news as well as opinion articles. He covers wide range of topics within the sector, from management to culture & leisure. 

Laura Stanley

Laura Stanley

Content Writer, Charity Digital

Laura produces content for Charity Digital,  an organisation that helps other charities step up their game in the digital world. Her articles range from data analysis to leadership skills, aimed at people involved with charity management. Recent pieces include financial leadership and fundraising trends.

Steve Nowottny

Editor, Full Fact

Steve is an experienced journalist who leads the editorial team at Full Fact, he makes sure readers get the right information by overseeing the daily fact-checking work. His desk, Full Fact is an impartial and independent UK charity devoted to delivering fact-checked claims. Lately, they have worked on recent and relevant events, such as Brexit, Ukraine and COVID.

Emma Guy

Editor, EachOther

Emma was appointed as the Editor at EachOther in January 2022. EachOther is a UK-focused human rights charity that uses independent journalism. Emma has a passion for investigations and human rights, her latest articles written about matters like immigration or human trafficking.

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