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How to Approach the Top Health Journalists

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Everyone working in healthcare PR understands the importance of landing a coverage that is telling your side of the story.

We’ll be asking leading health journalists about what to pitch, how and when. Don’t miss out on our upcoming webinars, sign-up today. 

Stay relevant

Health has been in the spotlight in the past couple of years, from COVID-19 to NHS issues, from new advancements in treatment to mental well-being, and healthcare journalists have been working hard to keep their readers informed. PRs working in health-related sectors must ensure to approach health correspondents with relevant pitches that match the journalist’s area of interest, or current trends people would want to read about.

Keep it short and clear

Nowadays most health reporters prefer a short email with key story elements. Create your pitch with a clear headline and a short paragraph and remember the formula Who? What? When? Where? How?  Journalists receive dozens of press releases, if your story hits the mark they’ll follow up, you don’t need to chase them.

Be the help

The whole story should be editorialised and ready by the time you’ve sent the email. Why? If the correspondent is interested and follows up, they will want to read the full press release. Don’t forget about visuals or additional information that could be interesting. Send your pitch when health reporters focus on finding a story to present at their news meeting. 

Note: information is accurate for the date the blog was posted in January 2023. Journalists might change outlets and sectors in the future.

Joseph Anderson
Health Correspondent, The Scotsman

The Scotsman’s key health news correspondent, Joseph joined the title in October 2022, having spent more than 10 years working at the BBC, ITV and The Daily Record as a politics reporter, among others. His primary focus is on health policy and general health, recently covering issues in healthcare, 

Jospeh was our guest in the Spotlight on Health webinar series, watch the first 5 minutes of the replay here. 

Martin Bagot
Health and Science Editor, Daily Mirror

After four years as a social media reporter at the Daily Mirror, Martin switched to the health and science sector in 2017 and became Health and Science Editor two years later. Prior to this, he worked on the local press and freelanced for MailOnline. His area of interest: Epidemics/Pandemics, Diseases, NHS, Doctors and GPs.

We’ll be speaking to Martin in our free webinar. Don’t miss out, sign-up today.

Shaun Wooller

Health Editor, Daily Mail

Having started life on The Sun as a reporter in 2013, Shaun became its Health and Science Correspondent in 2016. He joined the Daily Mail as Health Correspondent in 2021 before becoming its Health Editor with a focus on policy in October 2022. His main coverage lately includes NHS, Doctors & GPs, Obesity.

Shaun discussed both life at the Mail and the stories he is looking for in a post-pandemic world in our Spotlight on Health webinar. Click for the replay preview.

Eleanor Hayward​

Health Correspondent, The Times

Eleanor has been working as Health Correspondent at The Times since March 2022. She covers the sectors of General Health, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical and Consumer Health. Eleanor writes about topics like heart disease, the NHS, Cancer and other health and medical news. Very recently reporting on the NHS strikes.

Health Correspondent, The Sun

Sam, the Health Correspondent for The Sun, has been a journalist for 8 years.  He picked science and health as his specialism in 2028 while working for Mail Online. He covers General Health, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, recently focusing on NHS and NHS strikes. Sam prefers emails when being contacted.

Health Correspondent, PA Media

Ella has been working at PA since 2012 as the Health Correspondent, focusing on Consumer Health,Health, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals. Ella works in part-time since coming back from her maternity leave. She recently covered news about NHS, Doctors and GPs.

Health Reporter, Evening Standard

Dan was appointed as Health Reporter at The Evening Standard in September 2022, where he previously worked as a Staff Reporter. He focuses on General Health, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals and Health Policy. He delivered the news about NHS, the Pandemic,  and other health-related topics.

Health Correspondent, The Independent

Rebecca started her journalism career in 2013 as Online Intern for FTB Pro. She has been at The Independent since 2021. Rebecca works in the Health Policy sector, reporting on Diseases, NHS, lately focusing on the NHS strikes and mental health issues.

Andrew Gregory

Health Editor, The Guardian

The award-winning journalist worked for the Daily Mirror and The Times before joining The Guardian in 2021. Lately, he wrote articles about diseases and the NHS.

His main interests are health, healthcare, medicine, innovation and technology. 

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