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Are you unsure about profile slots and how you can secure them for your client?

Read on to demystify these pieces of PR gold dust and find out who you should contact to secure your client a coveted slot.

Do you dream about getting your client featured in The Sunday Times’ ‘Life in the Day’ or ‘Relative Values’ sections? Or how about a double page spread in the Observer Food Monthly’s ‘My Life on a Plate’ or ‘Lunch with’ regulars? It doesn’t have to be a fantasy; coverage in these profile sections, and many more in the national press, can be easier than you think to set up. 
The key is to know the person who commissions the piece. Once you know that, a client who is a household name with something to promote can often secure different slots in a range of publications. What’s more, as interviews are often done over the phone or via email, they are easy to set up. And because they concentrate on a set topic, they are generally going to be overwhelmingly positive pieces, allowing your client’s character to shine. In short, they’re nothing less than PR gold dust. 

Roxhill’s 27-page pitching guide details all the best profile slots to aim for, from Grazia to Good Housekeeping, and from The Daily Mail to the Financial Times. Crucially, we know the right person to pitch to, not just for each publication, but for every regular feature. Download your free copy now as the first step to getting amazing coverage for your clients.

Need more tips?

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Jane Knight

Former Travel Editor of The Times, now Freelance Writer, Editor, Content Creator and PR Trainer.


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