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How, Who, When, and What to pitch to a glossy supplement Editor

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Do you know how, who, when and what the national glossy newspapers supplements want to receive when you send over your pitch?

Pitching to an editor at one of the UK’s National newspaper glossy magazines can be challenging, even for the most experienced PR, especially when they plan their issues weeks or months in advance. So, knowing a few key tips and tricks will help make sure your client’s story catches their eye, at the right time, every time. 

Read on and discover,

  • How to contact them
  • Who to contact
  • When they want to be contacted
  • What they want to receive from you

And start your journey to always contacting the right national newspaper glossy magazine journalist, at the right time, in the right way and with the right story.

1. How to pitch to a glossy supplement editor

Our guide on “How to pitch to the UK national newspaper glossy supplements” is filled with all the key insider information to make sure you always get it right.

These include

  • Use a short subject line and get straight to the point of the pitch
  • Always send an email; never call
  • Send your pitch to the correct editor or journalist
  • Only send low-res images with your pitch

2. Who to pitch to at a glossy supplement

You’ve got your story ready, and you know which supplement you want to get it featured in, but who is the right person to pitch to?

Watch our webinar with Lisa Markwell, Editor, Telegraph Magazine to hear what she likes to receive

Lisa Markwell


Telegraph Magazine

Lisa has also edited the Independent on Sunday paper, The Independent Magazine, the food section of the Sunday Times magazine, and the Telegraph’s food coverage.

Or, check out our webinar with James Palmer, Associate Editor, Sunday Times Magazine to discover what will make him stop and read your pitch.

James Palmer

Associate Editor

Sunday Times Magazine

James has more than 20 years of experience in national newspapers and magazines, including print and digital, feature and travel writing, foreign news, commissioning, reporting and production. Following various roles at The Independent, he joined The Sunday Times in 2010 and has been Associate Editor of The Sunday Times Magazine since 2018.

3. When to contact a glossy supplement

When do the editors meet to decide on the stories for the next issue, when are their publishing deadlines, and are the deadlines different for print and online?  

Approaching a journalist, the right way, can make all the difference in getting your story told. Each glossy supplement has a different schedule of when they want to hear from you.

Download our handy infographic on “What is the best time to pitch?” for all the information from the top editors and journalists, including FT How To Spend It, Times LUXX and Stella Magazine.

4. What the editors want to receive?

So, what do editors and journalists want to receive?

Each supplement has different preferences, but here are some of their top tips,

  • The food pages aim to highlight the best hot new spots across the capital and where to find the best places to eat based on a different theme each week – ES Magazine
  • Suitable interviewees include people from the worlds of sport, politics, music, arts, and food and drink – The Telegraph Magazine
  • Products, trends, interviews, tech, and non-fiction books – The Times Magazine
  • The publication loves a personal story, especially when it comes to topics like travel – the meaning behind it is always important. Anything to do with Italy is always so popular, more so than anything else they feature – FT How To Spend IT
  • There is no price cap for fashion or beauty products. Their readers buy wisely and don’t spend frivolously – YOU magazine
  • Stella loves is a product page, which can feature a mixture of everything – travel, food, beauty, books, films, and TV. It is designed to set the reader up for the week – Stella Magazine
  • Makeup and skincare are always popular, though it is crucial that readers can buy the products – Sunday Times Style
  • Property stories feature in LUXX but only if they are extraordinary, otherwise they work better in the newspaper’s property section. – Times LUXX
  • The team is interested in hearing about genuine exclusives, and they need complete exclusivity for the cover story. – Sunday Times Magazine

Following these top tips will not only help get your client’s story published but also help you build long and meaningful relationships with the journalists.


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