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Table of Content

Table of Contents

In the hot seat:

Laura Onita: Retail Correspondent at The Daily Telegraph

Laura’s week:

  • All focussed around delivering copy for both the Daily and Sunday editions.
  • RNS statements and trading updates are followed closely.
  • Very interested in supermarkets/ grocery sector. Innovation and strategic challenges. As well as challenges facing the corporate retail sector. M&A activity. CVA landscape.
  • Monday and Wednesday are ‘best’ days for meetings with industry figures.
    • Breakfast / coffee / lunch at Victoria is ideal.
    • Couple of bullet points as to who and why relevant is fine.
    • Happy to book months in advance if required to book CEO etc 30/45 mins.
  • Tuesday & Thursday mornings generally busy – pitching ideas for Sunday & Monday
    • Tues: 10.30am meeting – features and profile ideas for Sunday & Monday
      • Monday therefore, a good day to pitch features and profiles
    • Thurs: 10.30am meeting – news and scoops for Sunday edition
      • Wednesday a good day for pitching news and scoop stories
  • Thursday very busy with focus on
    • Copy for Friday’s edition as well as
    • File Sunday’s features by 5pm
  • Fridays are very busy too: File Sunday news stories by 4 pm.
  • Saturday/Monday – interested in lighter content or read, trends, surveys.

Telegraph Business Team:

  • Digital team starts at 6:30am.
  • 7.30-10 am key stories flagged.
  • No business conference meeting.
  • 11 am stories are decided on. 75% certain.
  • Print & online team work the same, as it’s all one team.
  • Stories will generally go online first during the day. No set deadlines. When ready it goes up.

Top Tips:

  • Pitches should focus on business themes: fund raisings, restructurings, new hires if well known, investment in other companies etc. Needs to be a ‘hard’ action.
  • Surveys: # people spoken to and methodology needs to be clear.
  • Quotes: Punchy, concise, contrarian is good.
  • Exclusives: If offered, will try and come back within ideally 24 hours to confirm can run with story or decline. Saturday, Sunday and Monday opportunity for exclusives ideal.
  • Case Studies / Megatrends: Need ‘concrete’ fasts to turn study into a feature. Human element important to talk to. Results orientated.
  • Experts: Need short sharp comments sent in first. All about timings. Urgency and move quickly.
  • Graphics and pictures are great, so include them alongside your story pitches. Helps pitches.

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