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Table of Contents

Are you familiar with the key US desks across the FT?

Read on to find out the stories US news desks are interested in, how the Markets Desk operates, and top tips on how to make your proposal for a guest writer rise to the top of the pile.

US Financial Services

The Financial Services bureau covers cryptocurrencies, wall street pay, student loans, cyber-attacks, US economy and more.

US Markets

The US Markets bureau is your go-to for stocks, bonds, and economics. There are four key Editors to approach, with five other potential contributors that might be keen on your next story.

US Opinion Desk

The Opinion (or Comment) Desk covers all things across the US financial markets, inflation/deflation, investments, currency markets, cryptocurrency, housing market prices and more.

World Desk

The World newsdesk manages coverage of politics and the economy from the foreign bureaux. Though most FT staff are based in London, a large number of its journalist staff are based overseas with representation in 40 countries.

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Breaking News

Much of the FT’s news and features output will be authored by writers briefed to cover particular beats across different geographies and timezones. However, the FT is keen to ensure it remains competitive with rival news organisations that are sometimes better staffed.

The Newsdesk

The FT’s daily news priorities are set by its Main newsdesk. Online and print news are properly coordinated across different desks and delivered in a timely manner according to the demands set by the FT’s editor of the day.

Companies Desk

If the FT has any constant unique selling point, it has been its fundamental focus on covering corporate and markets news. The FT’s corporate coverage is unrecognisable from what it was two decades ago. No longer does it seek to act as a UK-focused newspaper of record for mundane FTSE 100 results and trading announcements.

Opinion & Analysis Desk

The FT’s opinion section is comprised of several fiefdoms that come together as a “commentariat” to deliver the strands of leaders, comment and extended analysis pieces in print and online, as commissioned and edited by these discrete teams.

Financial Times US Round-up

PR Insights

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