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Life in Lockdown – Catherine Fairweather, Freelance Travel Journalist

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Each day we speak to a journalist about their new normal, today we hear from Catherine Fairweather.

Catherine Fairweather is a Freelance Travel Journalist.

Where are you working from right now?

What’s your new morning routine?
Exercise either on my own or in front of zoom.

What is your workwear looking like?
Today silk PJ trouser and t-shirt and clogs.

How has your working week changed since Covid-19 hit?
I was involved in consultancy, curated trips , freelance commissions, potential column, podcasts – all shelved or put on hold.

What are the current plans for filling your pages?
I’m not trying to fill pages. I’m involved in ideas for when this all ends – broadening the travel scope – so more profile stories, radio and book ideas.

What does a work lunch look like these days?
Light sandwich on terrace.

What’s the biggest challenge for your desk/publication right now?
Making it relevant rather than filling space.

Has anything positive come out of this?
Not for freelance journalists in travel no. But the cull needed to happen.

What’s your top tip for PRs right now?
Most releases I don’t read honestly.

What’s your comeback plan?
Hard to say. But I know I don’t want to be writing or reading the kind of trite round ups and hotel reviews of before. Though of course the desire to be inspired, to escape, to learn something, to be transformed by travel in a meaningful way has never been stronger.

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