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PR Opportunities, your shortcut to publicity

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PR opportunities

It’s your 1st, 12th or 100th day at your new PR job, and you’re met with the task of finding the PR opportunities in various outlets… As the middle person between your client and the press, your job is to ensure that your client is in in the public eye for all the right reasons.

A breakdown of PR opportunities:

What is a PR opportunity?

A PR opportunity is a bit of coverage in a print or online publication, which promotes a place, product, or person, in a positive way. It can be in the form of a full review, an interview, a little mention, or even just a name credit.

As a PR, it’s your job to filter through dozens of magazines and analyse hundreds of pages to pick out the right PR opportunity for your clients. Sorting through multiple outlets is a repetitive and time-consuming task, but done correctly can reap rewards for your client or brand.

What to look for – Advertorials vs Editorial features

Advertorials and Editorial feature, though similar in purpose, are very different.

Advertorials connect your audience to your brand through storytelling, giving your brand more exposure without the aggressive advertising, the intention is to demonstrate that you as a brand fulfil your audience’s needs. Whilst the content may initially appear similar to an editorial, advertorials are actually a form of native advertising and thus a form of paid media, this guarantees inclusion in your chosen news outlet and gives you, the brand, more control on the editorial content.

Editorials are essentially opinion articles deemed to have enough news value or interest to an outlets chosen audience, ‘value’ and ‘interest’ is often determined by the editorial team. Unlike advertorials, editorials are unpaid, whilst you may have some input via a press release etc. generally speaking organisations do not control the final content this is always at the discretion of the journalist. Editorial content is the best way for brands to build relationships with journalists.

What type of content makes a good PR opportunity?
  • A scoop or exclusive story that is highly relevant to an outlets audience.
  • Informative, recent stories that entice readers and arouses curiosity.
  • Factual accurate points that can be easily verified and proven through specific examples and quotations.
  • Balanced and impartial stories that help the outlets’ readers see the objective facts in perspective.
  • Simple information that is easy for readers to grasp, digest and understand.

Finding out which journalists to contact when pitching your clients’ stories is not only crucial to landing the coverage you need, but also goes a long way in building trust in your relationships with key journalists.

Are you trying to identify PR opportunities for your client/brand?

If you want to build relationships with key lifestyle journalists sign up for a free trial and get instant access to our PR opportunities directory. Search over 1000 PR opportunities, organised by category, sector and outlet.

If you’re a client, get started now.

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