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Roxhill 2022: Our plans for this year

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Roxhill 2022: Our plans for this year.

Our focus has always been to make Roxhill a better and better experience for the PR community. We are always working to improve and innovate our service and give you the access and insights that you need. For that reason, we wanted to keep you involved and highlight where we are investing further in 2022.

Bringing the journalists to PRs:

Networking is hard in today’s world, so facilitating those relationships and bringing the journalists to the PR community is key. 

Our journalist webinar programme has been hugely successful, and recently we delivered our 200th webinar. This interaction, with hundreds of journalists, is unique to Roxhill.

In 2022, we will add an additional host / producer to conduct even more webinars, eBooks and guides for our clients. The hacks know us and give us their time for our clients’ benefit, making Roxhill so much more than purely a database service.

More insight for the PR community:

Our insight is not only reflected in the Journalist / Outlet profiles and Topic Analysis and Social Feeds on our platform, but also in the wide range of educational ebooks and media guides we publish.

Coming soon is an updated BBC guide, a new FT guide and for the consumer community, we will deliver a guide to where all the Profile slots can be found across the nationals – gold dust for PRs. In the meantime, check out our guide to pitching to UK national newspaper glossy supplements.

Accuracy and relevance:

We rank #1 in Journalist Alerts vs every competitor in the market, and the expansion of our database continues at pace too. We hit 200,000 journalists in June, and our list of comprehensive Journalist Profiles continues to grow.

PRs often ask us which outlets are the most respected in each sector. We have identified the top 10 outlets across the UK in over 150 sectors, and we’ll be rolling this out across key countries globally in 2022, to continue to save the PR community time and give them the international clarity they desire.

The best client service:

Many of our clients tell us our service is excellent – especially the quality and speed of our Feedback team and Account Managers. We are investing further, with additional staff as well new technology to make this even smoother and faster.

Looking to the year ahead at Roxhill:

We have always been committed to making the Roxhill experience as fulfilling as possible, and ensuring we grow and adapt our service to continue to provide the best value. Our aim continues to be that we bring the journalists to PR professionals everywhere, whether that be in person, in our online events, or via insight and analysis on the platform.

We’re looking forward to a great year ahead.


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