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Key Timings for Technology Desks

All the critical times you need to know before you start pitching to the Evening Standard, PA Media, Daily Mail, Financial Times and City AM.

When to land your emails in the inboxes of the UK Technology Desks

We spoke to 5 top technology journalists to bring you the best times to send your pitches to them and their teams. View this quick infographic plus a bonus top tip from each journalist –  straight from the source – and don’t let bad timings make you drop the ball in your next PR campaign.

Start of the day
Evening Standard

Simon Hunt

Simon's Top Tip: Supplying strong imagery boosts your chances of securing coverage.

8 AM
PA Media

Martyn Landi

Martin's Top Tip:  He is increasingly writing about rules and laws as the government seeks to regulate the tech sector in Brexit’s wake.

8 AM - 9:30 AM
Daily Mail

Jim Norton

Jim's Top Tip: He wants to hear from those who can break down technology’s often complicated themes for his older readership.

BY 10 AM
Financial Times

Murad Ahmed

Murad's Top Tip: He does not take pitches. PRs should approach the relevant reporter, who will then pitch to him.

City AM

Charlie Conchie

Charlie's Top Tip:  The news team plan coverage of known events, such as the Budget, up to two weeks in advance. PRs should consider a similar timetable.

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