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All about the Commissioning Desk at the BBC

One significant change across the BBC is the creation of the Commissioning desk - a new centralised planning desk expected to be in operation come early 2022.

The Commissioning Desk works across all BBC news coverage and is responsible for themed days, such as How do we get to Net Zero and also big news stories that are reported on by different parts of the BBC – Covid coverage being the biggest example but also stories such as Budget coverage.

The new desk allows for signigicant changed in the way programmes are put together. Traditionally programmes, be it PR on Radio 4 or Business Matters on the World Service – have had their own production teams and have had a high degree of editorial independence.

Under this new structure, there is going to be a far more influential central news core team. The Commissioning desk will drive production and the reality is future programmes will laheve less autonomy over both editorial agenda and the range of guests.

Find out what the Commissioning Desk is looking for in terms of stories, what “themed days” you can expect, and what the team will look like.


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