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On the panel:
  • Robin Pagnamenta – Head of Technology Intelligence
  • Harry de Quetteville – Technology Special Correspondent

Technology is increasingly transforming the world that we live in. There’s been a growing realisation and recognition that technology and stories about technology are increasingly central to the news agenda. Tech journalism was seen as a niche area, and the idea behind the initiative was to put coverage of technology and the future front and centre of the news room.

Key points discussed:

  • The UK struggles to build national technology champions. Technology Intelligence looks into why UK tech startups “sell out” and get bought by larger US companies.
  • Their daily newsletter is open for people to sign up, and it boasts a round-up of the day’s stories, in an editorial voice, plus forward-looking elements with the next day’s stories. It is drafted from the US.
  • TMG has a new commercial strategy all about investing in journalism. The ultimate goal is to increase engagement, drive more readership within new demographics and to see a rise in subscriptions.
  • Tech companies are starting to be held accountable in the eye of the consumer public. The industry is changing as the law changes and awareness grows.
  • The future of technology will see the value of data vested in the consumer. All companies run on data face an existential threat.
  • We are about to see the rise of various types of intelligence, far beyond that of the human mind. Humans are good at a lot of things, but artificial intelligence will allow us to evolve in areas beyond human capacity.

To listen to the nuanced insight our panelists provided below:

Thank you to our panelists and those that joined us.
Alex Northcott, CEO at Roxhill Media

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