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Top Tips for Business PRs

Business journalism has changed, fewer journalists are covering the biggest stories on a wider range of issues. Climate change, diversity, and other stakeholder interests have shifted the focus away from shareholder value. 

With trends moving quickly, knowing when and how to approach the right business journalists is key to securing a feature. 

Here are our top tips for making sure your client’s story catches the eye of the right business journalist, every time. 

1. Timing

When does the team meet, when do they start deciding the top stories of the day, and when are the final deadlines?  

Knowing when to pitch comes down to knowing a business desk’s daily routine. Roxhill gives you an insider’s guide to the business desks and journalists’ routines, along with tips to help you pitch at the right time.  

Download our free infographic on the “Best times to pitch to the UK’s business desks” for a handy bite-size reference.

2. Trends

Pitching around current business trends can help you get featured. Some of the key topics that will drive coverage include:

  • Inflation
  • Brexit
  • Economic Recovery post-pandemic
  • SME’s
  • Pensions
  • Tech Developments
  • Changes in consumer behaviour

Roxhill’s topic search allows you to quickly find journalists from all Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA) articles, the sectors they cover and their topics of interest. The perfect PR tool to help you intelligently identify and target the right journalists.

To discover more about our search capabilities, follow the link: Journalists Profile Search.

3. Who and How

Approaching a journalist the right way can be the difference between an ignored email and securing a feature. 

Download our handy guide on “How to pitch to the UK business desks” for all the information on how to approach national business journalists, straight from the top business desks editors.  

Targeting weekly business profile slots in the nationals is another great way of gaining client exposure. Download our exclusive “Golden Opportunities: the best business profile slots and how to secure them” for top tips on getting your client that all important interview.


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