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Pitching to the energy desks is challenging for even the most seasoned PR pro, but with our top tips you can make sure your client’s story is front and centre and catches the correspondent’s eye.

1. Timing is key

Each publication has their own key timings… when the team starts pulling stories together, when they meet for their editorial conference, or when they finalise the next day’s print edition. Knowing these key timings can be the difference between a feature and an ignored email.  

To help, download our guide on ‘How to pitch to the UK the Energy correspondents’ which has the full timelines for each desk, or our handy infographic ‘The best time to pitch the energy desks’ for a bitesize version. 

2. Trends are currently dictating energy coverage

Energy has been driven up the news agenda this year, key topics that will drive coverage include:

  • The cost-of-living crisis
  • Carbon capture
  • The future of nuclear
  • Securing liquefied natural gas supplies
  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine
  • The activities of major power companies
  • Green hydrogen
  • And innovative future technology

Framing your pitches around current trends can help you secure coverage, Roxhill’s innovative PinPoint tool can help you find and follow trends as they’re happening, so you know exactly when to hit send to secure your coverage. 

3. You can still land features outside of trends, you just have to know who, and how

Papers still hold space for articles and features that don’t just react to current trends, although it differs from each publication: 

  • Special reports are an excellent target for energy PRs representing smaller companies that might not make the main paper. – The Financial Times 
  • Feature ideas don’t have to revolve around recent events — Rachel at the Telegraph is keen to highlight new technologies and practices before they become common knowledge. – The Telegraph 
  • The Saturday and Monday editions are also good places for off-diary features – The Times 

Have you been scouring the internet for information on how to best pitch to the UK business desks? 

We’ve spoken to top editors from the UK business desks to glean all the information you need to ensure your pitches are hitting the mark.


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