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Top tips for fashion PRs from Alice Newbold at Vogue

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In the hot seat:

Alice Newbold: News Editor at Vogue

Alice’s Focus:

  • Alice sets the news agenda for the team by 7:30am each morning
  • In the office at 8:30am and the first stories are online by 9:30am
  • Her working day is 8:30am – 4:30pm
  • Focus is fashion, other areas such as travel can sometimes be appropriate but must be looked at through a “vogue lens”
  • The team are constantly looking for inspiration and stories online and from social media
  • Meeting PR’s
    • Can’t do breakfast as pitching starts from 7:30am
    • Lunches are perfect – time to be productive and build a relationship
  • Press trips – needs to be a strong editorial angle for her to take time out of the office
  • Events – the Vogue team have a weekly meeting to decide who will attend events
  • Vogue team have to donate to charity (equivalent worth) if gifted an item


  • Embargoes are still relevant – most news stories are under embargo. Ideally this should be for a minimum of 1 hour
  • Team are super reactive and turn stories around within an hour
  • Longer lead times of a week are for profile pieces with interviews
  • Celebrity content works really well
    • Vogue don’t usually cover unknown people unless they are an emerging brand. Stories about people are more appropriate for Miss Vogue’s “Girl on a mission”
  • Sustainability is a huge focus and will continue to be a big focus for 2020
  • Influencers – Vogue don’t directly promote them but they will still work with brands who work with influencers
  • The Vogue edit: each week Alice writes about her top picks from the week (books, hotels etc). PRs can pitch to her for this, but anything non-fashion should be pitched with Vogue’s style-edge to it

Top Tips:

  • Emails need a strong subject line – Never put “breaking news” and avoid puns. Be original. Use key words in the first few sentences. Keep the email short and concise
  • Keep pitches simple and honest – avoid buzzwords, sell the product for what it is
  • It’s best to check with the team before sending PR packages to be more sustainable. Packaging should be simple and to the point
  • Pitches referencing sustainability need to be well-educated and give more than top line information
  • Images – prefers wetransfer to dropbox. Include images in the copy of emails in a slick format or attach them in a pdf. Avoid using word
  • Depending on time sensitivity, wait a couple of days before chasing and send an email rather than calling. Will only speak to a PR on the phone if it’s been pre-arranged or is urgent
  • Be mindful of the fashion calendar – i.e. don’t pitch on the day of the Oscars, do pitch ahead of fashion month
  • Best to pitch to Alice on Mondays and Fridays ahead of the big ideas meeting on a Monday where the weekly agenda is set

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