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Table of Contents

Top tips to get your story selected at the BBC

Often the hardest thing to do is explain why a story is important to an audience. We created this guide to help answer your questions and give you a clearer understanding of how the BBC approaches stories.

Read on and download our infographic for our top 9 tips to getting your story selected at the BBC:

1. Surprising or quirky

Intriguing hooks that draw in readers and entice them to click. These include mysteries solved, myths debunked, and feats of human endeavour. Using former Soviet submarines to transport oil was one…

2. Content that has a broad appeal

Content which appeals to a wider audience. Stories that affect household income, spending and debt all fall into this category.

3. Case studies

Any story with an attached case study and a guest who can talk about the subject stands a much better chance.

4. Talking points and trends

Topical or “viral” stories that divide opinion or spark debate. Brexit is the obvious one, but also topics such as executive pay.

Discover some recurring themes of stories that prove popular with BBC audiences.

Roxhill's pitching guide on the BBC. Learn how to pitch your stories, and gain insight into the big changes for the organisation in 2022.

There is more than one way to approach the BBC.

Learn how to pitch your stories, discover the key decision-makers, and gain insight into how your content is treated with our latest update to Roxhill’s guide to the BBC.


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