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Table of Contents

What do BBC producers want from PRs?

Discover how to pitch an idea to the BBC, and read up on some key feedback from producers. Find out what boxes you should be ticking in order to land that perfect pitch:

Give plenty of notice

“It’s never too early to tell us about what you have coming up. We start to plan weekend content in our planning meeting on Wednesdays at 2:00 pm, so it’s good to give us a heads up if you have anything due later in the week.” – BBC Radio producer

Provide links

“We have a far better idea of what your content is like and how to pitch it once there is a URL available to us, even if it’s a preview link.” – BBC Producer.

Label your email

“Clearly labelling your content in the subject line of emails helps us keep track of requests e.g. ‘NHS mannequin vid’ rather than ‘Might be a good one for you?’ etc.” – BBC Producer.

Don’t forget online

“Things we love today, real-life stories, lifestyle, entertainment news, talked about TV, how, what and why, this week in sport, behind the headlines, arts, books and films, society, money matters, quizzes, food (recipes), faith & ethics.” – The ‘wants’ from a BBC Homepage Editor.

Key Advice

1. Don't over promise

A classic example is the press release which starts by stating that Apple’s Tim Cook is speaking at an event, but actually it is Bryan Glick of Computer Weekly who is available to speak to the BBC.

2. Plugging

Obviously you are looking for publicity but you need to be subtle. You will get a mention in the cue so don’t repeat it all the way through the interview.

3. Timing

The more notice you can give, the better. BUT, do know when you want it to be broadcast and if you are approaching a breakfast programme, make sure you do so at least the day before.

4. Know the programme

Take some time to think about the audience, a programme on World Service won’t leap at the chance to look at a firm in Luton that only sells tractor parts in the UK.

There is more than one way to approach the BBC.

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