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2023 Trend Prediction Time

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2023 trend prediction time

This week, besides reacquainting myself with mince pies and mulled wine, I’m taking a deep dive into next year’s beauty trends for a feature.

I’m definitely not alone – and I know trend round-ups are on many clients’ December and January coverage hit lists.

Some publications’ beauty trend stories might be focusing on the hair and make-up moments from the spring fashion weeks; some will predict the TikTok movements or celeb looks set to snowball. Others, like mine, will look at the overarching themes set to dominate 2023 – from the cost-of-living’s impact on consumer habits to how far the ‘00s nostalgia will influence style.

Because I approach the topic broadly, from experience I find myself featuring subjects – and often therefore brands/services – that I wouldn’t necessarily otherwise cover. In the past for example, sexual wellness accessories, CBD-infused sanitary care, and digital dentistry have made it into the mix. Ergo, niche pitches, as much as the mainstream, are welcome.

Already, my crystal ball of an inbox is throwing up some excellent insights. There are reports and a white paper from retailers and a global pharmaceuticals company, as well as commentary from brand founders, global marketing execs, and expert ambassadors all predicting beauty’s future. (Spoiler: it’s not all pretty. But more on that another week.)

So, if your client has something to add, strike while the iron’s hot. What looks set to drive sales? When can we expect exciting innovation? Does your client align with any big moments next year? Is a cult fan base brewing? Do share! – citing data and sources, where relevant, of course.

What Bridget Thinks…

“Talking of trends, this report from Beauty Pie prompted me to write an explainer on the biggest breakthrough beauty trends of 2022. I love that they shared digital engagement figures for each and links to supporting TikTok videos.”

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