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A roaring success

Like everyone, I was glued to the Women’s Euros Final on Sunday night. But perhaps not everyone watching was thinking, as I was, about what commercial opportunities would be coming for each and every one of the England players…

Unlike male football players, many of whom have hugely lucrative advertising and sponsorship deals in a relatively small range of products, women are very, very versatile. Beauty brands to insurance companies, supermarkets to fitness apps (the stamina to dance for four hours straight is admirable) – they’re all suitable, plus many more.

I expect to receive lots and lots of press releases on products which have either direct or tangential connection to the Lionesses (see below) but if I was in PR, I’d be poring over the profiles and lifestyles of those players to pitch – no pun intended – brands for them to work with.

Their exuberance, determination and above all their authenticity are what we all need right now and that is worth serious investment. It’s not just about which conditioner may keep those blonde ponytails glossy or which gel manicure lasts longest, but more in-depth areas like juggling home life and sporting excellence via food and financial know-how.

Could be a roaring success for a client…

What Lisa Thinks…

“Here we go, here we go, here we go… The first of no-doubt many press releases linked to the Lionesses’ success, but it is a good brand and lovely product, which helps!”

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