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A tasty growth story

I will only go to an editor with a brand story idea when I feel I’ve got enough information to tickle their fancy. I was thinking about this earlier in the week after an international PR reached out in an email to suggest a profile on the fashion brand she works in-house for. 

The label is relatively young and of a medium size, which is the kind of size business that I love writing about. How a brand has grown from being a tiny operation to, say, turning over £30-million plus on an annual basis, always makes for an interesting and inspiring story on a lifestyle page. It’s an engaging amount of money for the reader. Once you get into the hundreds and thousands of millions, it’s a business story on a different scale and one with less human interest. I tend to zone out at that point! 

Anyway, my international PR friend lured me in with a few growth figures that pricked up my ears. The success was particularly striking given the dreadful year so much of fashion retail has had. 

So I replied and told her I was interested, but did she have some idea why this had happened and did she also have a news angle I could hook a story to? Her reply was specific and interesting from a business point of view. And she told me there would be a store opening later in the year. 

It did the job. With a minimal back and forth I now have all the information I need to go ahead and make a confident pitch to my editor. But what lured me in was the £££s. Never underestimate the power of a tasty growth story to get a journalist’s mouth watering!

What Kate Thinks…

It’s haute couture week but there are no fashion shows so all the luxury houses are doing films instead. Dior’s is an absolute beauty directed by Matteo Garrone based on the concept of the tarot. On Wednesday, Alber Elbaz, the much-loved former designer of Lanvin, introduced his new brand concept, the immediately shoppable, AZ FACTORY, with a film. This is not a press release, but if you want an example of how to launch a glamorous new fashion brand that will excite and engage fashion editors and customers alike, as well as provoke debate about what fashion means now – and even what brands mean now, here it is. I love it. 

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