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The world has changed, even in the last seven days since I wrote this column — except, perhaps for The Archers. No coronavirus in Ambridge.

In the world of beauty, we journalists, PRs and beauty brands are adjusting to the new normal. I’ve found the engagement on my instagram and my website has gone up massively — people appear to be consuming content like never before, and taking time to comment. IGTV is particularly popular as people crave the human connection they get from video. So it makes sense to me to keep creating visuals and words that people want.

But there are challenges. Obviously professional shoots (model/make-up/hair etc) are not happening, though my fellow instagrammers and I are creating visuals with what we have to hand, and getting the kids/partners to help us do it. (My daughter, the mini Alan Sugar, is charging £5 an hour). We are also plundering our archives, resurfacing great, but unseen-for-a-while content — I suggest you do the same. I know any fresh, relevant visuals will be gratefully received by mags and supplements, plus I’ve noticed clever prs are offering up their clients to collaborate on content.

Your PR spins/stories have also helped. All those buzz words and creative thinking really do trigger ideas that may well prove to be the hook on which I pitch a piece.

Dye-solation, spa-ing on the sofa, skincare that counters the blue light from screens — you might worry it’s naff, but it’s useful.

And as long as you are still able to send samples, then I’ll happily receive them (unless there’s a statement from the government that advises something to the contrary). In fact now is the perfect time to send.

On the charitable front. I for one, don’t mind a bit if companies shout about their good works. Herbal Essences is donating a £5 of every online order to National Emergencies Trust’s COVID-19 Appeal & Age UK; Medik8 is creating and donating hand santiser; Boots are offering Covid testing for NHS workers. All these help: we get copy, everyone feels good. Win. Win. Win.


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