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Soon, it will be the most depressing day of the year. Blue Monday, as it’s been named by someone who may or may not be a New Order fan, falls on the third Monday of January, which this year means January 16th. We should all take extra care to be kind to each other, on this day and every day. If we are journalists, we should also probably open every wellness email with caution. 

With apologies to those who send them, nothing is likely to make a person more blue than a wellness pitch featuring retreats they can’t afford, spas they don’t have time for and products that cost more than their weekly food shop. Quite when “wellness” became so haute – for which, read “expensive” – I’m not quite sure, but its Goopification has resulted in a large portion of the pitches I receive having price points that belong solely in a luxury supplement.

Yes, there is a huge appetite for self-betterment this month: we all want to be fitter and healthier. Maybe it’s time to remind ourselves that the average UK wage is £29,600, and that the cost of living is rocketing. I would love to receive more affordable wellness pitches across every area of wellness: on the platforms I work for, there’s certainly a demand for them. 

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“It may well be impossible to imagine the influence of Tiktok if you don’t have a native user – ie a teen or tween – in your family. This caught my eye because I agree that Tiktok is a huge interiors influencer, and also the natural home of affordable interiors hacks”

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