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Some people are fully locked down, wiping their groceries and rarely venturing out. Some are less cautious/compliant and are eschewing the mask, shopping in the supermarkets and going for socially distanced walks. (Some people are having parties and Tinder sex but let’s not go there). Just as with Brexit, there is a divide, and one that has the capacity to ignite intense emotions.

And so it can with beauty journalists – well, all journalists really. Some will be harbouring lockdown anxiety, worried about catching Covid, yes, but also, after weeks of isolation, nervous about resuming face-to-face meetings; harbouring event concern; restaurant discomfort. Of course others (like me!) will be desperate to get out into the world. Packing their diary, dreaming of trips and keen to try out treatments.


It’s worth have having some idea of a journalist’s stance if you want to make the most effective approach. If they are strict lockdowners then you’ll ire them by suggesting meeting in the near future, rattle them by trying to book them in for a spa treatment, however far in advance. It requires a softer approach.

For me and my fellow extroverts, optimistic talk of summer meet ups and experiences feels great. We all need help at the moment, though – there’s a definite dip in mood. Nicola Elliot, the powerhouse behind Neom, referenced this in her Zoom launch of Magnesium Body Butters. She talked about the benefits of the mineral: brilliant for easing stress, anxiety and helping sore muscles.

This morning I was debating whether to skip it (home schooling, deadlines etc), but I’m really glad I didn’t. I forget how passionate and inspiring brand owners can be. The session was informative and, crucially, it was kept short – half an hour was long enough and I’m grateful that Neom kept to their timing promise because you can’t slide out of a Zoom as you would in a real life meeting, with a nodded apology and a wave.

Timing, as they say, is everything.


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