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‘Immunity’ is the number one beauty buzzword of summer 2020. In the wake of Covid, anything that promises to help us avoid the virus and its effects is PR gold.

Mentions of immunity can easily be added onto product labels, treatment descriptions and retreat programme contents — as, no doubt, you are finding out.

This week I’ve had a glossy brochure from the Viva Mayr that draws in wealthy, health-conscious customers with the promise of ‘giving your immune system a boost.’ I was also sent information on specific programmes at Villa Stephanie in Baden Baden and Chenot Palace Weggis. And let’s not forget the emailed press release for a new Pukka Night Time Berry tea that uses organic herbs and promises to help you ‘sleep well & stay well’.

Immunity is boosted through good sleep, exercise and diet, so it’s a label that can be slapped on many products and offerings. Am I cynical about it? Well actually, no. Anything that shows how looking after ourselves means we are stronger and healthier is good by me.

I’m putting together a list of spas, here in the UK and abroad, that promise to counter the physical and mental effects of Covid, plus make you more resilient in the face of it.

If your spas, products or treatments fit the bill, then please let me know.

Stay well people.


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