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Are TV Shows The New Fashion Shows?

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Are TV shows the new fashion shows?

As you all know, screen characters are influencing our style like never before, which is true of both fashion and beauty. While a different ‘something-core’ takes over TikTok every day (from ‘school-core’ to ‘bloke-core’ – it all gets a bit snore-core) the micro trends birthed from buzzy films and TV shows are the ones that have me – and my readers – hooked.

Last year, stories on style insights relating to ‘Euphoria’, ‘Bridgerton’, ‘The Crown’, ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Wednesday’, ‘Emily in Paris’, and ‘And Just Like That’ were all popular, despite the aesthetics in them varying wildly. This year I’m as excited for new versions of these to drop as much as I am for the cyclical fashion weeks to unfold, given how these pop culture moments now deliver just as much fodder for us beauty journalists.

In line, I’ve always got an eye on what both MAC’s global “trend whisperer” Cat Quinn, and reporter and podcaster Kirbie Johnson share on TikTok and Instagram; their beauty-focussed film/TV breakdowns are brilliant, and they’re always quick to highlight the artists behind the scenes. Off the socials, I’d love more insider info in my inbox, too.

If you happen to be working with talent in the entertainment industry, do promote this to the beauty and fashion press (not just features teams). Likewise, if your client has any links to the products being used by artists and talent on such shows, do share. Alternatively, if they can speak to the trends emerging from screen culture, suggest alternatives to getting the characters’ looks, or provide data on how a show or film is impacting sales of products (such as my ‘press release of the week’ below), know that it’s increasingly of interest.

Personally, I can only see on-screen looks driving IRL ones more and more, so if your clients can align with them in a genuine way, I’d suggest they make it part of their 2023 game plan.

What Lisa thinks…

“This data-based release reveals how ‘The White Lotus’ is impacting trends, and notes that the scene showing the beauty routine of character Harper increased searches for Clarins by 100%. Interesting stuff.”

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