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Charlotte Tilbury and I go way back. We went on our first fashion trip together. She, a fledgling make-up artist and I, a clueless fashion assistant. (N.B. I spend the entire trip trying to source a leopard for my Italian editor. It was only after two days I realised she wanted a ‘leotard.’)

I digress. Last week Charlotte launched a new foundation called Flawless Finish. It was a big do (run by Seen PR) and Charlotte was on sparkling form.

‘Darling!’ she shouted and beckoned me over for a picture.

Ahh pictures. In today’s world they really are worth a thousand words.

So Charlotte had the Instagrammable background. And she had her own photographer with a super flattering light.

He took our picture. Then a nice PR took our picture with my I phone.

Which I posted.

Which got me thinking about picture etiquette.

Obviously it’s basic courtesy to post a picture where you both look nice. I know it’s tempting if you killer, but if they’ve got their eyes closed, to chose that one.

But don’t.

Similarly you have to let go if someone posts a less than flattering one of you, right?

Trying to control it would be like trying to make Trump politically correct.


Besides it’s important to keep it real.

You don’t want to look so different from your social media persona you make people gasp (in the wrong way…).


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