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Back To School!

New pencil case, fresh haircut, shiny shoes… it’s not just the kids who want these things.

We are all looking forward to a fresh start, right?

As freelancer I have spent the summer juggling work and childcare – with mixed results.

I’ve taken conference calls from my sun lounger, been briefed by editors whilst trying to supervise lunch for ravenous thirteen year olds.

I’ve tried to read proofs on I phones.

So please forgive me if my focus hasn’t been as laser like (ha!) as usual.

I expect your summer has been much the same.

I’m keen to return to work with renewed vigour.

It feels like a good time to make some resolutions (much better than January surely..).

I’m going to

1) Plan my time more effectively. Stack appointments when I travel into London.

2) Think about long-term aims. What I want to achieve by next year – not just the end of the day.

3) Get less distracted by my phone. Turn it off when I am writing

4) Drag a brush through my hair, paint my nails, get more polished.

5) Address the 4902 unread e-mails in my in box

6) Sort through my admin. (Okay this will never happen but hey…)

Oh and get a new notebook.

But at least now I’m a grown up I won’t have to cover it with wrapping paper…


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