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HSP. Say what?!

Highly Sensitive People. 

A highly sensitive person is someone with a sensitive nervous system who is deeply affected by the subtleties in their environment. They pick up on emotions easily, can be startled by loud noises and are hypersensitive to rejection. I’m going to hazard a guess –most journalists belong in this category. Certainly most beauty/fashion/lifestyle journalists anyway, and most likely lots of PRs.

In the same way a logical mind might lead you to a job in engineering, a mind that is tuned to feelings, sensations and beauty leads you to a creative career. Why is this relevant?

Well, I think it helps you understand how best to deal with journalists, how to engage with them for maximum impact. Whilst influencers and journalists might present a ballsy front, deep down most are people pleasers who like to be loved, who hate anger/conflict and bad feeling. So, when you are dealing with them:

  • Make your communications friendly, not sycophantic or overly familiar, but warm and open. Be polite even if you want to murder them in the moment (you may feel differently in a months’ time.)  
  • Remember that what might be an ever-so-slightly offish tone to you, will feel majorly aggressive to them.
  • Approach a story emotionally – how does the product make you feel? – and visually – what makes a person want it?
  • Remember HSPs love beauty so the wrapping and packaging is all-important

I hope that’s helpful. 

From a fully paid-up member of the HSP gang. 

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