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Book launches, traditionally, are not gourmet experiences, they’re famous for warm white wine and perhaps a few bowls of crisps. But food books being a different prospect, particularly if the author is a chef – attendees can expect at least a taste of something delicious.

Last night I went to the launch of chef and writer Romy Gill’s new book, On the Himalayan Trail, and apart from the cheering sight of lots of food-industry people gathered together, it was particularly delicious. The author herself had made curries and chaats in plentiful supply – this was more full dinner than one-bite canapés.

But what I loved and found particularly interesting is that there were people from drinks brands mixing cocktails and chatting away to guests – it felt like a really fun addition to the party. One of them, a gin company, had previously collaborated with Gill so it felt natural and organic, while a Five Rivers Indian Rum chimed perfectly with the travel theme of the cookbook.

Forgive me if this is PR 101 but I don’t feel that I see enough of that kind of activity at events. In 2022, with everything that has gone on and is going on, seeing brands and people creating shared opportunities (ones that are not jarring or over-opportunistic) is brilliant. More please!

What Lisa Thinks…

“Full disclosure, I received this email last week but it was embargoed: I loved the strong imagery and perky language of the release but wondered why on earth any vegan would want a fake-chicken wing with a fake bone in it?! It made me want to try it, which proves the PR did a good job, and try it is what I’m about to do…”


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