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Canny shopping, seasonal and local produce

This morning it was widely reported that the governor of the Bank of England has warned about “apocalyptic” rises in food prices. He was referring to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the following stratospheric rise in inflation. The war has already been referenced by many in connection with failing food supplies and soaring prices.

The situation adds to wider financial struggles for Britain’s consumers, which are making all-too familiar headlines day after day. It’s not a cheery time.

So, how are journalists and PRs whose job is to write about, promote and celebrate food and drink to proceed? Obviously there’s no possibility of just throwing our hands in the air and giving up, vowing not to be so shallow as to promote a new peanut butter when the crackle of gunfire is on the news.

But equally, it feels right to be mindful of what is going on in the world. I don’t think I’ll be covering the launch of a caviar laboratory in England right now, thanks. I’m sure it is fascinating, but I can imagine the BTL comments if I do. However, it’s a good time to talk about canny shopping, seasonal and local produce which makes more economic sense and to put operators who understand the challenges forward for comment and tips.

The huge success of a feature in the Telegraph at the weekend on the return of lard and dripping was interesting – it made me immediately save the fat which ran off my Sunday roasting chicken. Now I need a chef to tell me how to use it.

Please continue to tell us what’s going on with brands – but there are likely to be more ‘hits’ for those mindful of the times we’re living in.


What Lisa Thinks…

“Not quite a press release but I imagine it was part of a blanket mail-out. Do PRs really think it works like this? Perhaps it does for some, but this badly targeted, ill advised approach just made me more astonished than appealed to.”


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