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Catching The Eye

You’ll often hear from us journalists on how to make your press release stand out and what to do to make your information cut through and grab our attention… But believe me, we’re in the same boat over here in editorial!

Yesterday I attended a really interesting presentation on visual journalism and how it can be used to make features fly in the digital sphere (and the digital area is where all the action is, despite some people expressing disappointment when something will appear ‘online only’). 

Using visual extras in food features is a no-brainer, really. Whether it’s video showing how something is made, audio of an expert in conversation, graphics to explain anything from the components of a dish to a map of a city’s restaurants or data to show how we shop differently from three years ago, for instance, you can see what I mean.

But sometimes getting these can be tricky – and it shouldn’t be. For instance when doing PR shots of a restaurant interior, how about a video walk-through? If you’re launching a new appliance, how have trends changed in that sector over the last decade? It might be worth asking journalists you have a good relationship with whether they want/want you to capture some behind-the-scenes footage.

I’m not suggesting you do all our work for us, but as so many of us now consume news and features online (and apparently about 75% of them on mobile), catching the eye is something we’re all on the same side with.


What Lisa thinks…

“For restaurant and chef followers, this is a good-news story and comes complete with a fact sheet and images that make life easy!”

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