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It feels remiss to let January pass without a word on the sort of press releases I’ve received in this, the most popular month in which to tout diets, detoxes and other dire deeds (with apologies to diet and detox fans). But enough alliteration from me. Dare I say it, but change is in the air. I’ve barely been sent any diet info, nor been commissioned to write anything about weight loss. PRs and editors have both got the memo: that dieting is a contentious topic, and that in 2022, wellness is a long term healthier focus than weight loss. 

This is tremendous news, and shows that we are able to listen and move with the times. And while I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about having Veganuary rammed down their throats this month, it personally hasn’t bothered me. I’d much rather hear about plant-based food than lies-based weight loss products. Likewise, fitness and exercise gear. Yes, I’ve been pitched a lot of leggings this month, but that’s not a negative. And I always love to hear about new exercise trends: the madder the better. It’s why I’ve spent weeks trying to contact a man who specialises in exercising dogs.

So farewell, January. You’ve been long. You’ve been challenging. But you’ve also shown you can change for the better.

What Laura Thinks…

“This sounds an interesting initiative and is timely for January when people are watching their budgets.” 

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