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I’ve written before about how, in this hybrid working world, we value flexibility around the events element of our jobs. Naturally I’m looking at it from a journo’s perspective, but – from what I can see – finding space for both virtual and physical events within a brand’s strategy makes sense for all involved. Often this means virtual launch events for certain projects, and IRL events for others. But sometimes it means both at once.

I don’t mean the recording of a traditional press event so it can be experienced digitally – great though that is. I’m thinking of the new pick ‘n’ mix approach which we’d never have seen pre-pandemic.

Take the launch celebration of a new product line by hairstylist Adam Reed, where I’ve been invited to join one of four daily activities this week. Some are via video, and others in-person at his Spitalfields salon. Compared to your regular event (in beauty, anyway), this feels fresh and different – surely two characteristics that the PRs are hoping to convey about the brand.

It’s smart for other reasons, not least because it maximises potential press attendance with multiple options to choose from. Given that the brand has been so generous with its time, it makes us want to be generous with ours. Indeed, even if I didn’t want to attend any of the activities within the event (I did!), the invite would have been hard to decline.

Another mutual benefit of the overall concept for PRs and press? An assortment of activities lets a brand story-tell on different levels to inspire a variety of ideas, expanding the resulting content opportunities. Plus, like sequel weddings that seem to be de rigueur now, multi-part events also amplify buzz, delivering days of social media shares.

I know this format wouldn’t work for all. Reed has built strong relationships with the beauty press over years as an industry figure, making his invite likely to elicit ‘yes’ responses regardless of the details. Plus, he has a ready-made venue in his salon. But when it comes to events now, there’s no reason why choice can’t be an option for your clients to consider too.

What Bridget Thinks…

“This is a lovely example of a small beauty business launching an initiative to support Ukranian relief appeals. It doesn’t feel performative or self-serving, and I immediately wanted to help spread the word by covering it online.”

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