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For the first time I can remember, I didn’t realise that Coachella was happening last weekend. 17453 selfies must have been taken in front of its ferris wheel before the penny dropped. I went online to scan the fashion. The only look I found interesting was Kendall Jenner’s. She was wearing black jeans, black boots and a white T-shirt. We could get into the minutiae – the jeans were bootcut, the boots had a block heel, the T-shirt was cap sleeved – but the real statement was their normalcy. Usually, Kendall can be relied upon to rock a crochet bikini and some cut-off denim shorts, the festival’s uniform of choice for every female attendee. Coachella has never been edgy, but it has always had influence – not least on the British high street. So it’s interesting to track how it’s gone from a festival with fashion influence to a festival of fashion cliches, where guests “do” “festival fashion” in a repetitive, reductive way that makes them all too meme-able, and not in a good way.

By wearing such a basic, everyday look, Kendall exonerated herself from the “performative festival fashion” trope. She could have been going anywhere, and that was the point. Last year, I wrote in this column that I thought its influence was on the wane.

Judging by the paucity of Coachella-themed pitches in my inbox, and the level of fashion coverage it’s had, I haven’t revised my opinion. 

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“Head: this is a novel way to use Taskrabbit, but ten out of ten for using Glastonbury as a hook.”

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