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Collaborations and Glitches

Do you want people to know that you exist? Or would you rather remain unseen and unheard by the general public, your influence important but discreet?

I was involved with a feature recently in which the writer referenced the parameters of the article specified by the PR who set it up. I wondered whether or not to leave that paragraph in, but thought ultimately that it was important to do so, because otherwise the reader would wonder why certain subjects had been left out of the interview. It would have jarred and we all know now that reader engagement and comments are vital (if not always an entirely positive experience…)

Post-publication, the PR got in touch to raise the issue and their discomfort about becoming part of the story. A firm but considered reply explained the situation, but it has left me thinking a lot about the role of public relations teams and how they work with journalists. Almost overwhelmingly – In features and lifestyle publishing – I see it as a collaboration and there are few glitches. Embargo-breaking and negative reviews are the usual suspects. 

Is lifting the curtain, Oz-like, to reveal the workings of PR to consumers a step too far? I certainly don’t want to make enemies in the very sector that facilitates a lot of our content so I’ll consider it carefully on a case-by-case basis but meanwhile, it feels like an interesting idea for a panel discussion one of these days.


What Lisa Thinks…

“The subject matter is great, the hosts are imaginative and who doesn’t love talking about food? Best of all, this press release had all the info, plus the images to download and made sense!”


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