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Cost effective press trips

I’m old enough to remember when press trips were multitudinous and lavish… stories told by senior journalists to younger ones about private jets and bespoke outfits laid out in hotels are met with astonishment.

While it’s probably for the best all around that those days are pretty much gone (certainly as far as I can see although I can’t vouch for how ‘influencers’ are treated), there are still occasions on which a trip is both desirable and useful.

I’ve received a handful recently which I would love to participate in, because I can see that they’re great feature material. It’s fantastic to be invited to Dublin, to Slovakia, to California and I feel very lucky to be on those guest lists.

But may I make a suggestion/plea to PRs arranging them – could you consider scoping out possible attendees on dates. I mention it because all of the above and just about all others are over weekends, which makes them impossible for me. I’m sure I’m not the only person who can’t get away because of family commitments.

It might be worth asking if a midweek, or Mon/Tues, or Thur/Fri set-up might work better for enough people to arrange things differently. Bookings are quieter and for staff on, for instance, newspapers, lieu days mean leaving the office on a workday or two is entirely possible.

Obviously if it’s around a food festival or event then that’s not appropriate, but weekdays are probably more cost-efficient for partners too… and who doesn’t like that?


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This is a device that appeals to the time-efficient part of my nature – almost like a speed-dating event for authors. I can see it might seem like a hangover from lockdown days, but equally it is a quick way to hear about a plethora of new titles. More like this please!

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