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Discovering trends abroad

I got a good pitch this week from Sarah Diaz of Miami’s Dana Agency. Declaring a new dining trend, she cited pieces from Robb Report and The New York Times to back up her claims.

It’s always far more credible when PRs can back up their contention of a trend with media or academic sources. Anyone can claim anything is a trend but not anyone can begin to prove it.

If you’re using media sources, however, it’s better to use foreign ones. The Telegraph or Times might not be keen to push a story initially exposed by the FT or Mail (or any other variation of this). This means, too, that you have much more chance of it not yet being a known quantity domestically, giving your pitch more power.
To which end, I would recommend monitoring foreign news sources once a week. Bookmark some good’uns and schedule time for a run-through. The New York Times is full of gold, as is the Washington Post. Bloomberg is good. For health, you could monitor mindbodygreen and Goop, of Gwyneth Paltrow fame. Dezeen and Dwell cover design. And so on. Look for places whose recent stories seem interesting and fresh, rather than stuff you’ve seen 12 times before.
Wait for a trend or story which fits your client, then lean on it. Don’t go too far — words such as “groundbreaking”, “amazing” or “extraordinary” shouldn’t be used to describe said trend — but just gently lean on it to make a smart, snappy pitch.

What Richard thinks…

“I love this — it’s not the most positive news for Barbados, but it’s news nonetheless, and far better to own it than to ignore it.  Well done TravelMedia.”


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