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Do I look okay?

There was a time, not so long ago, when it didn’t really matter what journalists looked like. When I was growing up I would read the words of writers I admired – without ever being able to put a face to their name. There are still some journalists who continue in this vein, but the vast majority of us are visible. Google-able, our lives laid out on Instagram. Even by-line photos are no longer a tiny square, but instead a whopping third of a page. 
So where am I going with this?
Well, I’m very aware that if you are collaborating with me on a job for which I will need to be photographed or filmed, you would like the glossy version of Rosie Green. The hair washed and styled, make up on, outfit considered and looking vaguely polished Rosie Green. Not the top knot sporting, bare faced, athleisure wearing Rosie Green.
Now the former takes a bit of work and planning, and I guess what I’m asking is that you are mindful of this. If you can help us turn up to things looking pulled together, rather than rain sodden and dishevelled, it is very much appreciated. A cab to the location is always brilliant. And if it’s a bigger job –  hair and make-up on set is a real bonus. Great hair and make up have the double benefit of making you look good and feel good. Feeling good translates to high energy which will have a positive impact on the content created. 
Next week I’m filming for an aesthetics brand and the PR has offered to book me a blow dry pre shoot, which will give me a real boost. Another thing I’d like to ask is that you factor in grooming when you are negotiating fees for events or filming. Nails/Hair/tans etc – all need to be done.
As Dolly Parton said ‘It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.’

What Rosie Thinks…

“Salon Software… hardly a gripping subject, but PR Abigail Walsh has managed to make it so with this release. She talks about the emotive subject of salon no-shows and tells us that they cost the industry almost 2 million a day. Then she refers to statistics which reveal which counties have the worst offenders for ghosting their beauty pros. (Berkshire and West Mids FYI). The Phorest Salon software works by charging higher risk clients a bigger deposit.”

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