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This week’s column has more questions than it offers answers. Oops! Not really the point. But here’s one to the room: when did Easter pitches become so killjoy? And also: why?

I realise we’re all trying to be more health-conscious. I realise that “wellness” is a multi billion dollar industry. Nonetheless, I’m surprised by the number of Easter pitches I’ve received this year that have suggested “Easter egg alternatives”, as though the simple act of kicking back and eating chocolate is a toxic activity akin to snorting Nos, as opposed to a day of joy and overindulgence that only happens once a year. 

Positive examples of Easter-themed pitches: free activities for kids (we’re living through a dire cost of living crisis), cheap Easter-themed recipes, novelty eggs, affordable meal deals. Less positive examples: calorie free treats, yellow-themed clothing (really?), sleep experts piggybacking their expertise onto the hypothesis that children will have Easter eggs for breakfast that render them hyped up nightmares who’ll be impossible to settle at bed-time. 

Far be it from me to bring up the pandemic, but wasn’t the point that once free, we’d live life to the full? Or failing that, at least indulge in an Easter egg or five. There is a time and place for health advice. But maybe it isn’t Easter Sunday. 

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