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This week, I have received so many emails from PRs that teeter on the edge of desperation. Sometimes they’ve been outright desperate – ‘help, we don’t know what to do!’

Others have just been going on as usual but I can read the panic between the lines.

I don’t know if it helps to say: I know the feeling. As a freelancer with my own business, I’m as much at risk as anybody. I have lost two big brand clients who have to hold off on any activity for the next few months. The emotions that flood your brain on an hourly basis are a cross between financial crisis and existential crisis: am I going to be able to sustain my business? mixed with: what the hell am I doing with my life, anyway? It’s hard to see to the other side and what that might hold.

But the sensible thing in terms of work – and everything else for that matter – is just to take it one day at a time. As you will no doubt have observed yourself, as you flick between different websites every 10 seconds, press and media organisations need content just as much as ever – if not more.

There are still lots of opportunities. But in terms of fashion, we just have to do things differently for the time being.

You and your brands are going to have to be honest with yourselves and patient about the current reality. Perhaps now is not the time to launch that new swimsuit range or hot evening wear collection. But keep plugging away at the homewear and homeware, bearing in mind there are possibly only so many times in one week a national newspaper can write about pyjamas.

Be realistic but optimistic and hang in there. This won’t last forever.

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