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It’s funny what impresses others, and always worth remembering that what impresses you might be, well, “meh” for your client. It may be the broadsheets, the glossies, Instagram followers, or an impressive Wiki profile that presses their buttons. Because everyone sees it through the prism of their own experience.

For a forty-something, being on TV is pretty impressive — when I was on Lorraine my mother spent all day texting her friends. The Times, though? Not so bothered. For twenty-somethings it might be social media numbers; for the older generation, perhaps an entry in Who’s Who (google it millennials).

I say this because I think it’s important that you look beyond what you think is cool, and think about what others consider so. (I need to take this advice too). Some websites have a fairly low numbers of clicks, but a high level of trust and authority.Ditto magazines or newspapers with readers.

Conversely some Instagram accounts might have a massive amount of followers, but very low engagement and/or trust.

A lot of my PR friends tell me micro influencers with credibility are best for their brands, which of course is great for me. See what I mean about seeing it through our own lens?


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