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Wow, fashion month seemed particularly long this time round, didn’t it? And I was just watching from my phone.

I particularly enjoyed lying in the bath on Saturday night accompanied by the Celine live stream. What a luxurious and yet sustainable way to do my job.

Because fashion month has got to being the least sustainable trade conference in the world, right? Schlepping across continents on planes; driving through European cities in cars from show to show to show.

I’ve done it so I know it’s great for fashion editors and buyers to join the circus, and be there in person. You see the clothes up close and learn more about what is driving brands and the industry as a whole.

But fashion shows are supposed to be a reflection of what is going on around us, and this year, even from afar, I could see there was a disconnect. For the most part, brand leaders were not seriously addressing the climate crisis facing the world that fashion has played an enormous part in.

The closest the giants got to acknowledging reality (and hey, I know that’s not fashion’s speciality) was Balenciaga’s show, an apolcolyptic piece of theatre on climate change with the front row sunk under water. All while pushing clothes that cost the earth in more ways than one.

It seems to me that the PR message coming from big fashion brands — apart from Stella McCartney, which is at least making an effort — is an unspoken one: this crisis is nothing to do with us, it’s for other brands to think about.

Is that the message your brand clients are sending? And do you want to help them change it?

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