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And so to Cannes –  a film festival, yes, but also a festival of jewels. For high jewellery brands, Cannes is an increasingly important occasion that even surpasses Oscar night in marketing terms. Whether it’s the sunshine on the Croissette, its sophisticated Riviera location or the high wattage of its guests, leading brands are locked in intense competition to dress as many A-list attendees as possible. 

So far, the eye candy has been plentiful. Anne Hathaway, Priyana Chopra and the unassailable Zendaya have been resplendent in Bulgari. Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta Jones and Naomi Campbell have been dripping in Chopard. Elle Fanning wore Cartier; Brie Larson wore Chanel. Early indicators suggest that coloured stones – rubies, emeralds, sapphires – are an emerging trend, as are statement necklaces – especially on men. 

As for what relevance this has for the rest of us, wincing as interest rates are hiked yet again, the jury is out, much as it is in Cannes. For PR’s of more affordable jewellery brands, there’s less “get the look” potential than with clothes. Granted, a couture gown has no more in common with its high street lookalike than a £20,000 necklace does with a £20 version, but the cut and colour can still have a relevance that trickles down to the masses. By contrast, the jewels at Cannes are pure escapism.

Nonetheless, as a journalist, I appreciate being informed about the details – style, provenance, cost – because a bit of escapism never hurt anyone. In fact, we need it more than ever.

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