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Food and Substack

A couple of writers I admire popped up over the last couple of days with really interesting stories which had a couple of themes in common – food and Substack. Yes, that thing, the platform which has attracted writers from every part of the globe and on every kind of subject.

I’m not sure how much time you spend reading Substack posts or if you feel it’s worth subscribing to any or all of those writers in the food, drink and hospitality sectors but it’s definitely growing.

The first piece I read was by Rosie Birkett, who I hired as recipe columnist for the Sunday Times when I was there. She’s now going to be sharing her recipes, experiences and inspirations on Substack; the other was by ex-magazine editor and someone who works to promote and develop Substack itself, Farrah Storr. 

Storr’s piece, about her unhappy experience eating at Noma, had originally been published on the online platform and republished in The Times, which is an interesting development.

Maybe, like me, you feel like it’s very hard/borderline impossible to keep up with content on myriad platforms and publications but this feels like a movement that me and my fellow journalists and you, your colleagues and clients, all need to keep abreast of… 

What Lisa thinks…

“They had me at economical meat cuts but muntjac gigot was was what really got me thinking about a feature, so well done to this PR.”

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