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Food will always be close to my heart

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Food will always be close to my heart

As a generalist turned expert turned back to generalist, I’m interested in who gets to write what, and how PRs and publicists view the subject.

I’ve always been a features writer and editor, but became a food expert after becoming an emergency restaurant critic (that’s a story for another day) and then sending myself to chef school for a year. Now I’ve been drawn back – delightfully – to a more general beat as a magazine editor, but food will always be close to my heart… and my commissions.

So, what I’m talking about is deciding who should interview a top chef who has a very interesting and varied life story. A writer who understands the world of restaurants and produce and how the food world works will draw out real insights and colour, but will they feel comfortable asking the possibly awkward broader questions?

Equally, will a good general feature writer focus on the ‘juice’ and not know enough about the jus? 

It’s in my mind because I’ve been in delicate negotiations with an agency PR and personal publicist to secure a story, coming down to who’s the writer everyone will be happy with. We’ve reached a happy agreement and now both other parties are familiar with a writer they didn’t know! I hope that such intel might be squirreled away for future reference for both of them.

Of course what I really wanted to do was commission myself, but alas that was impossible… this time.

What Lisa thinks…

“Savoury takes on sweet products such as cheesy hot cross buns seems to be ‘a thing’ and we’d been discussing it at features conference, so this Waitrose release on savoury porridge is very well-timed.”

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