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Imagine sending journalists into the home of one of your clients, unescorted, for an evening where the wine is free-flowing and there’s no way to control the narrative… It could be quite risky, couldn’t it?! However, when it comes to food-related PR, it could also tell a story unlike one you’d ever get from a soft-opening in a restaurant or with a product tasting in an event space.

Last week I was invited by a very experienced PR to attend a preview of a forthcoming London restaurant, AngloThai, for which the menus are still in development (the launch date is “early next year”). Hence the chance to try the chef’s ideas from his own kitchen with, fortuitously, wines selected by his sommelier wife. The guest list of six included both journalists who knew and had tasted his food and some who didn’t; it made for a fun, stimulating evening.

Although it looked and felt relaxed, PR and client must have worked hard to ensure things went to plan – and as a result we all gave extended feedback and posted glowing reviews on our social media channels, which certainly builds buzz. 

It’s not an approach that would work for all brands or personalities but in an age of highly controlled and orchestrated ‘opportunities’ (most, it should be said, in entertainment rather than F&B), I loved something different. It felt special – I think there’s room for PRs to explore this further.

What Lisa Thinks…

Releases with this sort of question in the message field suggest something to try… not only is that not the case, but it’s a very lacklustre effort on behalf of a brand which I don’t rate – and have said so in print.

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